November 3, 2017

On November 3rd, Dominica will celebrate its 39 years of Independence. Unfortunately, we are going through a tough time after the passage of category five hurricane Maria on September 18. A season normally filled with joy and celebration is now a season filled with pain and anguish.

To help motivate and inspire our people in Dominica in this challenging time, we have decided to carry out a #Dominica Social Media campaign to help celebrate our independence. We may not be able to celebrate our independence as grand as in the past years, but we will celebrate our independence with the help of our friends and families all around the world.

On November 3rd we encourage everyone to use #Dominica in all post during the independence celebration.


Remember what we’ve been through. It makes us a stronger people. Remember how beautiful our island was. How it drew people to our shores. Remember that we have life so that means we can rebuild and create the future we want to see


Relive happy moments which made you feel proud, happy and at peace. Relive our festivals past, what you wore, saw, heard and indulged in. Relive to remember that hope is alive and we should not give up.


Recover from our fallen state. All is not lost. Share what you can do, what you have been doing to get us back on our feet. Recover from the feeling of despair and embarrassment by sharing positive words, quotes images to inspire others. It takes all to help each other and the island to recover.


Video by:
Norris Francois Jr, Photographer | Filmmaker

Song by Oozee La | Recorded by Alain Intwali

Video credit:
Alison Teal, Alison's Adventures

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