#Dominica: May 16, 2017

While talking to some of my colleagues about Dominica after a business conference in Addison Texas, I started to wonder what it would be like to have Dominica trending for a day. That is, having Dominica experience a surge in popularity on social media. A surge in popularity means that #Dominica will be shown as one of the most trending topics on social media which in turn will intrigue others to visit websites to find out more about the country, what it has to offer and of course, book a flight to our beautiful island.

After our conversation about Dominica, we decided to get this idea started to see the results. We quickly formed a team with others in Dominica who could assist in turning this idea into a reality. The main purpose of this campaign is to encourage as many people as possible, including businesses, to use #Dominica on social media in their post for the entire day on May 16th, 2017. The post could be personal or business related, however, we encourage participants to post content that reflects positively on our island. We are hoping to be one of the most trending topics on social media that day.
—Meria Alexis


Meria Alexis, Marketing Professional
Campaign Creator and Manager

Monelle Alexis, Teacher & Media Professional
Campaign Manager

Yuri Jones, Professional Photographer

Clint Henderson; Singer, Songwriter, & Record Producer

Kerry Severin, Web Technologies & ISD

Garvin Richards, Media Professsional


Video Credits:
Norris Francois Jr, Photographer | Filmmaker
Alison Teal, Alison's Adventures

Image Credits:
Yuri A. Jones, Embrace Dominica,
Derek Galon, Art Photography Services
Simon Walsh, Images Dominica

Audio Production:
Clint Henderson, Singer, Songwriter, & Record Producer


Video by:
Norris Francois Jr, Photographer | Filmmaker

Video credit:
Alison Teal, Alison's Adventures

Audio recording by Clint Henderson
Voice-over by Monelle Alexis

Video credit:
Cbn4News, Dominica